Ben Rebel

Producer / Remixer / DJ / CEO Founder

Tech House ,Techno, Deep House, Afro House, Progressive and Hip Hop Original member of Lost Children Ben Rebel is not afraid to be left of normal on the creative scale risk taker loves music that pushes the envelope "Music should have no limits.." - BR


Recording Artist /producer /Remixer/DJ

Man From Object:R525L or MFO:R525L the dance aliens galaxies away from anything normal. Loud and full of energy brings you their style of Techno, Tech House and progressive House.

DJ Ron V

Dj / Producer / Recording Artist

Ron V An amazing floor controlling DJ also brings his flavorful mix of Deep House, Ambient House and Soulful House style tracks that creates mood swings of sonic dance floor energy.


Recording Artist ,Poet

Hypnotic voice Latin swag which draws you in close to her.. FEMI.X Dance Poet is a deep house floor magnet sexy in her delivery (but not abrasive.) her music is edgy and spicy just what is needed to charge the dance floor.

The Adjustment Bureau

Deep House, Afro House, Tech House,Remixing

The secret society of the dance underground world Diac family members gather in secret to create their brand of Tech mixed with Deep and afro house.

QD Earl

DJ / Producer / Writer

Original member of the group Lost Children his brand is a mix Soulful House Jazz House, Afro House

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Singer / Songwriters

House Disco / Soulful House The new Female duo group brings their timeless brand of music to the dance floor Welcome to the Diac family.